/All About Excerpt on WordPress

All About Excerpt on WordPress

Excerpt is a shortened version of the text on your posts. When you see a main blog page that shows you the last 10 posts on the blog or category, you would usually see:

  1. An image
  2. Title
  3. Short text
  4. Date posted

The short text is called excerpt and it’s the first ___ amount of words from a post.

How to Change Excerpt Length?

Sometimes the default excerpt length isn’t good for you and you need to lengthen it or shorten it. Here is how you do that:

Paste this into your functions.php file:

Just change the number 35 into anything you want.

How to Change Excerpt Read More?

Have you seen themes that at the end of the excerpt you see this: […]? or a link saying read more?

Well, this is how to change that:

This is the simple option, just add … at the end of the excerpt and you are done. But what if you want to add a link to the post?
Here you go:

You can read more about excerpt here.


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