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On this page you can see all our tutorial posts about Wordpress. With years of experience developing Wordpress sites, here we share our knowledge, one step at a time.

What is a WordPress Theme?

This post should be one of the first posts you ever read about WordPress. If you have been around the WordPress atmosphere for a while, even for a short while, this post is probably not for you. What is WordPress? So, we’ll start with the basics. WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system)…

wordpress themes 101

What is a WordPress Plugin?

Many WordPress blogs tend to write amazing posts in all levels of WordPress usage, however it just occurred to me that there are people who are just starting out and have literally no WordPress knowledge and no online background which means they have to learn every single thing from scratch. What is a WP Plugin?…

wordpress plugins

Learn how to add Style and Script files to WordPress – Correctly!

We all know that a standard WordPress installation comes with a few Javascript scripts and CSS files that get pulled in to the head and / or footer area automatically. However what happens when we want to add our own scripts or styles? The Wrong Way I have seen this countless times. The easiest way…

enqueue scripts and styles

Create a WordPress Starter Theme from Scratch

In the following tutorial I will guide you through the entire process of creating a WordPress starter theme from scratch, integrating SASS and Bootstrap. It seems like most of the people that claim to be “Wordpress developers” are actually “Wordpress implementers”, meaning they take readymade WordPress themes, add some style to it, add a logo,…

create a wordpress strater theme

How to add Custom Code to WordPress

There are many reasons you might want to add some custom piece of code into your WordPress blog. One of those reasons could be some tracking code or a snipped that a third party needs you to add to your homepage in order to verify your ownership of the site. Assuming you have no knowledge of…

add custom code to wp